Monday, October 6, 2008

US Elle 'greases' up High School Musical
Disney must have hired better PR people to brainstorm the promo campaign for High School Musical 3: Senior Year. Gone are the crapola lucky packets (glee!) which pictured the all-American teenage cast mid-bounce and smiling way too sweetly for my liking (come on, nobody had that much fun in high school). Instead fans are given a much edgier (dare I say raunchy?) version of the HSM love triangle. The shoot has the retro-fantastic style reminiscent of Grease which is arguably the first classic high school musical, gracing the big screen over 30 summers ago! While Zac Efron is too much of a puppy to match up to the hottness that was John Travolta in his prime, any hot-blooded female (or male *blush*) cannot deny his sweet but broody appeal, and the girls are just pure not-too-made-up gorgeousness.

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Tiffany Ann Mcgee said...

love this editorial..styling is HOT!..zac looks gorg in the last pic..vanessa is a very lucky girl!

Levi Ltd said...

Love love love what ur doing baby bug. Its amazing so far. 193 hits so far!!!! :)