Thursday, March 26, 2009

Want it, love it, desire it ...
What I'm loving right now ... & what I NEED to have in my closet!!

Iced coffee (yes with cream, merci!)
Reading plays instead of fiction ... Thornton Wilder's "Our Town" is still my favourite
Olivia Palermo inspired makeup - smoky eyes, defined cheeks and baby pink lips (and bobby pins in my hair)"I want it all" from High School Musical 3 as my new power anthem! "Paris! London! Tokyo! Bollywood!"Chunky blonde & honey highlights, boho bedhead hair .... tres Nicole Richie (yes she's still hott!)

I'm heading to Cape Town next month for a bit of a getaway ... CokeZero Fest is on the agenda, lots of superfun bands like Panic at the Disco, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Bullet for my Valentine, Snow Patrol ... and Oasis (faint!). Sooooo .... of course a festival chic outfit is needed. It's an entire day of debauchery on an ostrich farm so must be something I'm prepared to roll around in the mud in, but still I want some cuteness to shine through the grunge!
I'm thinking a Pixie Geldof ensemble of teeny tiny acid-washed denim shorts, a ripped up concert tee, headband and a pair of knee-high gumboots that mean business ... or latex leggings, a tee and some faded pink Chucks that I can throw away after ... or this below, which I looooooooove but is a bit too flower child for the punk-assness of this here event like :)

And now for general lemmings ......

Ahh my wardrobe is in need of a lot of boring basic items, and being unemployed (ugh!) means getting really creative and thinking about cost per wear before buying. If I don't absolutely adore it and know I won't get that much wear out of it then its not a wise purchase. I'm going to die this winter unless I purchase some woolies, and my annoying yo-yo weight means I never have jeans that fit! And now that I have a new boy ... some slinky lingerie hee hee! :) I'm going American Apparel crazy at the mo, after my best friend so graciously gave me a cotton blend deep V-neck tee! The fit, the cut, the feel - I'm converted! It's the only tee that actually makes me look like I have boobies .. with assistance from Wonderbra. Yippee! And importing to SA is not too expensive so stocking up on more of those delicious little tees, tres versatile jersey dresses... high-waisted Night Fever black lame disco pants (granted, not a basic, but I had to have them .. for their um, Kylie Minogue novelty?!) ... some days I'm dressed down and minimalist and on others I like to be a bit of a queen, no? I will admit its been waaaaaay too long since I went the high maintenance route with the nails and the makeup etc. etc. but I think the main thing about being stylish is to just always be yourself ...... so I am as the mood takes me!!

p.s ... long post to come of Winter must-haves

p.s I really really want to ride in a swanboat.

the shout out louds - please please please


Rosanna said...

i love those black sunnies!

Pari said...


Maddy said...

Wow I love everything about your blog. Everything is so inspirational!

I'm just starting out with with my blog and am hoping it will turn into something about Melbourne teen fashion... I'd love you to check it out and maybe give me some advice or exchange links?

ty x.

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