Tuesday, November 18, 2008

21 Today! Erm, yesterday!

Happy Birthday to me!

Oooooh and what an exciting one it was! I wasn't expecting to be quite this revoltingly spoilt and lavished with gifts and attention by all my gorgeous friends and wonderful family and boyfriend. I had a High Tea to celebrate with all my best girlfriends (who all looked super fine, can I just say) - a very special afternoon indeed, and my Mom treated me to a HEAVENLY day at the spa .. hot stone massage, seaweed body wrap, facial, pedi, was just SUPERB lovelies! Oh, and a car! Miss Vinyl Tutu now has WHEELS baby! (piccies to come)
My gorgeous (and very sneaky) boyfriend surprised me with pink balloons and lillies waiting for us in a cosy little Italian restaurant and showered me with beautiful, thoughtful gifts - a platinum locket (in the same cut as my ring he gave me for my 20th), a red Moleskine diary (I am OBSESSED, will have to post on this!), a jewellery box with pink Swarovski crystals for all my trinkets, and ... get this ladies.. a complimentary makeover at Yves Saint Laurent! Oh my oh my never in my wildest dreams would I have expected everything to be as fabulous as it was - Thank you to everyone who made it so special!

Wearing OPI's Just Groovy on my twinkle toes right now ... love*

Yes bloglings, I'm a very, very blissful kitten today!

Kaiser Chiefs - Never miss a beat

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