Monday, November 3, 2008

Music worth staying up for
I made a fabulous and most covetable little discovery indeed today whilst perusing the music shelves at the mall (and my boy was jamming on the in-store XBox, bless**). On a slight drum 'n bass and electronica overkill at the moment so I thought I might try some acid jazz/ambient tunes to mellow out, and inbetween bands like Infected Mushroom (gnarly!) and Fuckpony(?) were these enticing little gems, a must-have for late nighters like me!
Late Night Tales are a collection of mix albums where the tracks are personally selected and mixed by a diverse selection of DJs, recording artists and bands, who are asked to "delve deep into their collections and compile an album of their favourite music which inspired them to make music their profession - their favourite of the favourites". Groove Armada, Arctic Monkeys, Nouvelle Vague, Fatboy Slim, Belle & Sebastian, Zero 7 and The Flaming Lips are just a few of my choice compilations! However my absolute favourite mix is from Parisian muso-duo Air, quite undoubtedly the band I adore the most for their meltingly-good, cosmic pop! What could be better than relaxing with a glass of wine and the ultimate late night collection of pop-culture lullabies, the coup de grace to your Twilight Zone insomnia? The answer my lovelies is quite simple...not much!

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Little Miss Dress Up said...

these look awesome! i'm gonna check them out