Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sweet Cheeks

For Summer I'm a big fan of natural makeup - groomed skin & brows, dark tinted lashes, a natural pink flush, lip balm .. and that's it! I love MAC's creme blush but was looking for something that's easy to blend, really melts into my skin and stays put all day, which is why I ADORE BeneFit's PosieTint for giving my cheeks perfect pink dewiness.. and it also looks lovely on lips. Application is so simple .. the formula is quite thick but glides on super silky and dries quite quickly so blend, blend, blend! Zoe Foster from FruityBeauty says we must apply cream/gel cheek products "in the shape of a Nike symbol, You start the symbol on the apple (fleshy part of your cheek) and then take it down, and then up and under the cheekbone, right back to the top of your ear. Repeat on the other side of face. Blend any edges with a clean foundation brush or clean, blush-free fingers. This part: "under the cheekbone" is crucial, because if you apply your blush above your cheekbone, you drag your whole face down, and that ages you." Pretty! Adorable! Try it!

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